dental services  Claremont, NC
You and your family can take advantage of a full range of dental services here at Claremont Family Dentistry. During each visit, you will be treated by trained professionals who will provide top quality care to prevent dental problems and treat current conditions.

Preventative Dentistry  Claremont, NC

Preventative Dentistry

It is important to brush your teeth at least twice daily to help remove plaque and food particles that get stuck to your teeth. It is recommended that you brush your teeth for two minutes (or longer), though most people rush through this time. You need to make sure that you reach every side of each tooth, including the inside and outside. To help keep your breath fresh, you should also brush your tongue. Then, you can begin flossing.

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Cleanings And Exams  Claremont, NC

Cleanings And Exams

Having a dental practice perform a checkup and regular cleaning gives a preventive approach to dental care. These general dentistry treatments help prevent problems with your teeth, gums and jaw bones, or they catch and manage problems before they worsen. During your visit, our doctors will take a picture of the current standing of your dental health and what would be needed to keep your oral hygiene in its best state.

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Teeth Whitening  Claremont, NC

Teeth Whitening

A common request we receive is how to make a smile whiter and brighter. This is a relatively simple and quick treatment option that can be performed periodically. Certain foods and beverages, such as wine and coffee, stain the teeth and contribute to discoloration. The teeth whitening process provides a solution that lightens the shade of the teeth. Additionally, the process actually rids the teeth of plaque and tartar that tend to lead to dental problems.

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Fillings  Claremont, NC


Composite fillings act as a dentistry solution for problems such as tooth decay or cracks. A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. This procedure is also utilized for cosmetic improvements of the smile by fixing any discoloration or reshaping any disfigured teeth.

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Root Canals  Claremont, NC

Root Canals

Root canals are needed when decay and bacteria spread for too long without treatment. At a certain point, this decay makes it to the pulp inside the tooth. This pulp includes nerves, therefore infection generally causes a lot of pain. Since this is happening on the inside of the tooth, you won’t necessarily see the damage. Instead, you could feel it through pain and notice other signs that include bleeding, swelling and bad breath.

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Extractions  Claremont, NC


An extraction is performed to remove a tooth, whether because of disease, crowding, or damage. When extractions are required, the area around the tooth will be numbed and your dentist will remove the tooth. A small amount of bleeding is normal, as your mouth will replace the removed tooth root by forming a blood clot in the area.

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Periodontal Treatments  Claremont, NC

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease is a serious issue that affects many people’s lives. Luckily our experienced periodontists are capable of treating periodontal disease in our patients, a field in which they have rigorous training and education.

The cleaning of calculus, or tartar, is a major component of treating periodontal disease. However, changes in the patient’s behavior are just as important. Making sure your dental hygiene habits are up to par is critical in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, so it is critical to properly care for them. If you have periodontal disease, don’t feel hopeless. It is a treatable disease, but one that requires the patient to be aware and active with their dental care.

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Sports Mouth Guards  Claremont, NC

Sports Mouth Guards

Here at Claremont Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer sports mouth guards to our patients. As dentists, we are determined to make sure your mouth and teeth are well protected during sports activities, no matter what your passion is. To do this, we offer many different types of mouthguards, depending on the types of activities in which you are involved. There are some mouth guards for low-impact sports and others for high-impact sports.

Mouth guards not only protect your mouth and teeth, but also have other purposes. Mouth guards will help decrease the impact if you get hit in the jaw. They have also been shown to increase an athlete’s performance.

Many people clench their teeth while playing, which can give them temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ). Clenching your jaw the whole time can be quite exhausting. Mouth guards help to relax your jaw, allowing you to completely focus on the game!

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Dentures  Claremont, NC

Dentures and Partials

Removable dental replacements, or dentures, are a common service that we provide for our clients. We provide both complete dentures (for when all teeth are missing) and partial dentures (for when some teeth are missing).

There are both conventional and immediate dentures. Conventional dentures are made after the teeth have been removed and are placed 8 to 12 weeks after removal. Immediate dentures are made in advance and can be positioned as soon as the teeth are removed.

Patients may need dentures for a variety of reasons. We promise to communicate with you throughout the process in order to provide you with the best dental care possible.

Dentures can solve a wide range of problems for patients who have had their teeth removed. Dentures can allow patients to use their mouths more normally again, like they were able to before losing their teeth.

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Emergency Dentistry  Claremont, NC

Emergency Dentistry

At Claremont Family Dentistry, we know that accidents and dental emergencies can occur at any time and we want you to know that our team is always here and ready to help. Aside from our comprehensive dental care, we also offer preventative care and advice. You can save valuable time and unnecessary stress by communicating any risks, hobbies, or sports you engage in during a routine dental exam so that we can best equip you with preventative gear and knowledge to help keep you safe. Knowing exactly what to do in an emergency can be the difference between losing or saving a tooth.

Remember to save our number in your phone, so that should you need our services we are only a phone call away.

What to do if I lose a tooth?
In an emergency situation, contact our office or emergency services (dial 911) immediately. If you lose a permanent tooth, try to keep it moist until you arrive at the office. This will help to improve the chances of saving your tooth.

What to do if I crack a tooth?
If you crack a tooth, clean the area with warm water and use a cold compress to reduce swelling. If severe, contact us immediately for our emergency services. It is important to treat cracked teeth regardless of how minor they may appear as a cracked tooth can leave you vulnerable to tooth decay, cavities, and other oral health complications.

Combining these preventive efforts with routine examinations, you can minimize your risk of dental emergencies.

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Dental Bridges  Claremont, NC

Dental Bridges

Bridges can solve the issue of missing teeth. Similar to dentures, bridges replace gaps in your smile with artificial teeth. Bridges can be made from a variety of materials including porcelain, gold, and alloys.

Bridges can be removable or fixed. Removable bridges can be taken out and cleaned by patients, whereas fixed bridges have to be removed by a dentist. Bridges can be implanted to the jaw or under the gums. With so many options, it is important to consult with your dentist about which type of bridge is best for you.

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Crowns & Veneers  Claremont, NC

Crowns & Veneers

For patients who are missing a tooth, there are several replacement options provided by Claremont Family Dentistry. Depending on your specific needs, we may suggest that a crown-supported bridge is the best tooth replacement option for you. Crown-supported bridges are the most popular kind of dental bridge due to its cost efficiency and are best for patients who have natural teeth on both sides of the gap created by a missing tooth. These neighboring teeth, known as abutment teeth, will have crowns placed and cemented onto them to anchor the new, replacement tooth. Bridges are made of ceramic or porcelain fused to metal material and even strong enough to replace missing molars.

To begin treatment, we will evaluate to determine if crown-supported dentures are the best option for you. Factors such as oral hygiene, the location of the missing tooth gap, bone strength, and long-term viability for implants will all determine your treatment plan. During your procedure, you won’t feel a thing as we will use a numbing shot or local anesthetic to keep you comfortable and pain-free. After the operation, you may experience some soreness which can be treated with ice, rest, or any prescription medication we discuss with you during your appointment. With proper care, your crown-supported bridge will be a long-lasting solution to replace your missing tooth and improve your dental hygiene.

At Claremont Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing best-in-class dental services such as crown-supported bridges to ensure your oral hygiene is the best it can be.

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